Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's this blogging thing?

I guess it is time to join the (what century are we in?) Here is my hand at a blog.

Let's start with my personal website; http://www.kungfumonkeyrobot.com. Of course, I barely made this with the help of Go Daddy, so it is not the world's most sophisicated website. But hey, you get the idea.

More importantly, from there you can visit my Etsy shop; http://www.kungfumonkeyrobot.etsy.com and actually buy something! Amazing how that works.

I'm a part of Team EtsyRain, a group of Etsy sellers in the Seattle, Washington area. If you are a local crafter or Etsy seller, I heartily suggest you check them out at http://etsyrain.blogspot.com/. They host many meetups and events, and it is a great way to network and make new friends!

Some of my personal favorite member shops are:
http://www.ACraftyArab.etsy.com She makes beautiful note cards in Arabic and Farsi.
http://IMakeCuteStuff.com Her comic book necklaces are super cute!
http://www.oneeyedcollie.etsy.com Super fun jewelry.

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